Can Exercise Damage Your Teeth? | Dr. James Wright

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Regular exercise is vital for overall health, but did you know it can affect your dental health too? Research indicates that exercise and fitness routines may contribute to dental decay and tooth erosion. Here’s how exercise can impact your oral health and what you can do to mitigate any negative effects:

  1. Decreased Saliva Flow:
    During intense exercise, breathing heavily through the mouth can lead to reduced saliva production, causing dry mouth. Saliva plays a crucial role in fighting bacteria, protecting tooth enamel, and preventing decay. To combat dry mouth, try breathing through your nose during exercise and stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after your workout. Additionally, consider brushing your teeth before exercising to minimize bacterial buildup and plaque.
  2. Jaw Clenching:
    Many athletes clench their jaw when lifting weights or exerting themselves physically. This prolonged pressure can result in tooth wear and even fractures. Using a mouthguard can help protect your teeth from the effects of clenching. You can purchase mouthguards at most drugstores or sporting goods stores, or our dentist at Heritage Dental Center – Hebron can create a custom-fitted mouthguard tailored to your needs.
  3. Consuming Sports Drinks:
    While sports drinks may seem like a convenient way to rehydrate during exercise, they can be highly erosive to teeth due to their high sugar and citric acid content. Studies have shown that these beverages can be up to 30 times more damaging to tooth enamel than water. To minimize the risk of tooth decay, opt for water instead of sugary sports drinks. If you choose to consume sports drinks, drink them quickly rather than sipping them slowly over time. Afterward, rinse your mouth with water and avoid brushing immediately to prevent further enamel damage.

At Heritage Dental Center – Hebron, we prioritize your oral health and overall well-being. If you have concerns about how exercise may be affecting your dental health or if you’re due for a preventative dental appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our team, led by Dr. James Wright, is here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile for years to come. Schedule your next appointment with us today!

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